“The search for lightness and movement is an essential part of my work, resulting in forms that stand out from traditional construction patterns, thus highlighting very thin, minimalist sections that define a graceful whole.”

Seraphyn LuceDanet, designer

To create her sophisticated pieces, Seraphyn has collaborated with French workshops that master materials such as carbon, wood, bronze, combined with cutting-edge innovative technologies.

These collaborations have brought her creations to life, employing techniques that are both innovative and traditional, all while adhering to the philosophy of creating in the most responsible manner.

The SERAPHYN’ collection was born from the fusion of Caribbean and Vietnamese cultures, reflecting the special affection that its creator, originally from Saint Barthélemy, has for these two cultures. She designs furniture and objects that embody the art of living in the tropics.

Her unique writing, between calligraphy and sumi-e, signifies the intention to bridge the gap between these two cultures and serves as the link between her heritage and her own aesthetic. Her pieces draw inspiration from the free curves of nature, reproducing the flexibility and lightness of movement associated with a constant pursuit of elegance expressed through the dynamism of a lively stroke, giving life to the object.

These creations aim to directly touch our sensitivity through a memory, an emotion.

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